SRC 606RR Rewinder

High speed reversible rewinder, ideal for finished roll correction.

SRC 606 Rewinder
SRC 606 Rewinder
SRC 606 Rewinder

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We at SRC Systems combine strong core values and vast experience to guarantee the maximum reliability with the latest bespoke solutions. We analyse your process to deliver unique tailored solutions around your productions requirements. Every solution is lead by the particular needs of our clients.

  • Reduction of set-up times
  • Maximising productivity
  • Optimum Quality

We create and support the right solution for you.

Base Specification:
  • Materials: papers / films / foils / laminates
  • Material Thickness: 10 – 500 microns
  • Maximum unwind roll width: 610mm (24 inches)
  • Maximum unwind roll diameter: 610mm (24 inches)
  • Maximum rewind roll diameter: 610mm (24 inches)
  • Slitting types: razor in air / razor in groove
  • Minimum slitting width: 150mm
  • Rewinding core sizes: 76.2mm (3 inches) / 152.4mm (6 inches)
  • Maximum speed: 457 metres per minute (1500 feet per minute)
  • Edge Guiding
  • Optional trim blower